Thursday, December 22, 2011

Do The ROAR!

Final downloadable "extra" for my Even Monsters pitch. It's a Barbara Ann/At The Hop pseudo parody (or at least that's the pace) song. Once I upload and test them all, the whole thing will FINALLY be ready to pitch...

Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm Back! Hello Again! I've Missed You All So Much!

Since for whatever reason, I am no longer able to access my old blog ( ) and I was slightly overdue for a new post, and most especially, at the urging of the talented and poignant Will Terry, I've decided to create this new blog. I hereby pledge to update it regularly, though it may be more narcisistically wordy than in the past and maybe less heavy on actual artwork, but there will be enough of that to go around too. I will keep this post short, as I attempt to recover from watching The Habs lose another hockey game, and the byproduct of that loss: regret for having watched the game in the first place. Three hours of emotion and time that could have been better spent on family, work, and/or sewing up the loose ends of Christmas shopping... OK, time to drag my butt to bed where I will do some more writing on my chapter book... Thank you, ipad and THANK YOU, wireless keyboard!